Guest Blog by Author Nancy Ann Healy

Good Afternoon, Friends, and welcome! Today Author Nancy Ann Healy has written a guest post you will want to read! She has encouraging words that will enlighten you! Storytelling is Life. Both are a journey you create. First, I want to thank Lynn for inviting me to share some pieces of myself and my journey.… Continue reading Guest Blog by Author Nancy Ann Healy

Release Party – Erin Wade, ‘Riding the Storm!’

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIN WADE! Best present of all, a birthday kiss From VBW. Lynn Lawler, it is such a joy to be featured on your blog. Thank you so much for this wonderful birthday present. Today—May 9—is my birthday and my present to myself was the release of my twenty-fifth book, “Riding the Storm.” It… Continue reading Release Party – Erin Wade, ‘Riding the Storm!’

Meet Author Connie Harris Castillo!

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Today we have author Connie Harris Castillo sharing about her new biography, ‘Not Just a Nurse,’ a heart-touching story about her wife’s life. Read on! Hi folks! I’m a newbie in writing circles. I’m Connie Harris Castillo, and I’m a home-grown Texan butch. Until six years ago I was happily… Continue reading Meet Author Connie Harris Castillo!

Release Party – Author Morgan Elliot!

New Gripping Book and Audiobook! “The Crying Chair” “Stroke of the Brush,” audiobook By Morgan Elliot Good Afternoon Everyone and a warm welcome to you! Today is the day you want to be here! We have author Morgan Elliot here to talk about her new books, debuting today: ‘The Crying Chair’ and ‘Stroke of the… Continue reading Release Party – Author Morgan Elliot!

Author Adrian J. Smith’s New Release: De-Termination (Quarter Life #2) (11/28-12/1)

Hello Everyone and welcome. Today I am presenting an announcement for Adrian J. Smith‘s new forthcoming book, “De-Termination (Quarter Life #2) (Available on 12/1). She is having her release party from (2 pm -9pm) Nov 28 – Dec 1. I will be doing a reading from my new release, “Enticed by Love” at 7:00 p.m.… Continue reading Author Adrian J. Smith’s New Release: De-Termination (Quarter Life #2) (11/28-12/1)

‘Lady Grim: A Halloween Anthology’ Release Party

Hello Everyone and a warm welcome to you. Today is an exciting day as it is the release of the highly anticipated lesfic compilation of Lady Grim: A Halloween Anthology. 13 authors contributed to this gem and their short stories are all spooktacular. Come meet each of our authors below. Hello Everybody: Let me introduce… Continue reading ‘Lady Grim: A Halloween Anthology’ Release Party

My live reading this Saturday!

Hello Everyone and a warm welcome to you! I have taken a break from the blog for a little while. I am starting up my news letter, coming soon. I will be talking about what is new and exciting with my work as well as what I’ve been up to. If you would like to… Continue reading My live reading this Saturday!

Meet Author Victoria Holmes

Good afternoon, Everyone and welcome. Today author Victoria Holmes is here to share. Her new book, Poptastic, is now available. Hello everyone, my name is Victoria Holmes, and I released my debut novel, Poptastic in May. It’s been a busy few months trying to build contacts and work out how to publicize a book, but… Continue reading Meet Author Victoria Holmes

Author Ellen Hoil Guest Blog

Hello Everyone and welcome. I hope you are doing well and thank you for visiting last week. The Giveaway was a success and I am proud to announce that RNPride is the winner of my E-Book, Enticed by Love. Congratulations! Today we have author Ellen Hoil, whose book, Traumatic Love, is due to be released… Continue reading Author Ellen Hoil Guest Blog

Meet Lynn Lawler

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. Today as an appreciation to all of you, I am giving away an E-Book (not hardcopy) of my #newrelease, Enticed by Love. To enter all you need to do is put a comment in the comments section of this blog. I’m checking in with you today to see if you… Continue reading Meet Lynn Lawler