Thank you for your support!

Hello Everyone and welcome. Thank you for all your support for my new book, ‘Enticed by Love’. A woman is haunted by a past love while another is on the horizon. There is romance, paranormal, ESP, mystery, and drama. Here is what people on Goodreads are saying about Enticed by Love: Charli Whiskey rated it… Continue reading Thank you for your support!

My Review for Lyn Gardner’s ‘Choices’

Good Afternoon everyone and welcome. Today I am presenting my review for Lyn Gardner‘s ‘Choices‘. The story has two protagonists and is told from two points of view, although the author touches on a few minor views. Let’s meet the players. Courage comes in several forms. Spiritual courage is provided by a person’s beliefs, and emotional… Continue reading My Review for Lyn Gardner’s ‘Choices’