My Review of ‘Marmalade Martini’

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Jamie Barker is an architect who immediately caught my attention as I remembered my good days as a CAD drafter for various architectural firms. She has a caring heart and wants the best for others. I found her to be too nice to some people as if she is afraid to hurt their feelings. Jamie’s career comes first and her social life second. She isn’t close with her family and only talks to them rarely. However, she is tired of being single and wants someone in her life.  She cherishes her father and frequently reminisces about the good times she had with him. She is tough and has made her own way in the architectural world where alpha males dominate.

Kate is the other protagonist who is trying to save a failed relationship. She is quick and doesn’t put up with nonsense. She looks out for people even when she is hurting. One of her family members likes to meddle with her affairs.

Alex is Jamie’s best friend but has questionable motives. I found her to be very daring and almost to the point of being obnoxious. Her character created some really good drama for the story. I felt she was a burden to Jamie.

A secondary character is a complete sleazeball. The description of this guy is chilling and his actions concern me. He may disturb sensitive people with some of the things he says.

There is plenty of drama including backstabbing in the book which makes an interesting story. When you learn the truth about Jamie, you’ll be surprised. The reaction from the other party is priceless.

What I like about this story was that the lovers don’t jump into bed in the first part of the book. There is a lot of caring and nurturing going on before the big event happens. I enjoyed watching the friendship develop.

Author Photo

I love how strong the characters are. They are not the type of women who squeal when they are in danger. These women fight back. I love how they take ownership of their lives instead of blaming any pitfalls on external stimuli. I learned some things as a result of reading this book and I thank the author for providing some words of wisdom.

The book has very good descriptions. In one scene I felt like I was in a gothic church bar. The pace is moderate and is pretty easy reading. It took me about 5 hours to read this and I would recommend one sitting. If you love London as much as I do,  you’re going to be in for a real treat. I am recommending this book for everyone who loves a good read.


Here is an excerpt to get you started:


Jamie scanned the length of the street, searching for a shop doorway in which to shelter. She crossed a narrow, one-way side road. A flashing neon sign caught her eye, so she made a dash for it. Getting nearer, she was relieved to see a luminous ‘open’ sign above the door of a bar called Alchemy. Why had she never noticed this place before?

Chest still tight, Jamie stopped briefly in the dark entryway. She didn’t generally wander into bars alone – much less ones she had never been in before. The splash of running footsteps and high-pitched squeals came up from behind her. Jamie wasn’t the only one caught out by the rain.

“’Scuse us, love,” said the taller of the two women. They manoeuvred past her down a few steps and pulled open the door, wobbling on silly-inch heels.

Jamie stepped to one side. The sticky heat of the bar wafted out from inside. She leaned across the small stairwell and spontaneously grabbed for the door handle before it closed. Decision made! Following in the wake of the two women, she was immediately hit by the heady smell of candles and burnt orange peel.

She entered a dim, vault-like archway. A converted Victorian cellar, walls bare brick and floor of paving slabs and cobblestones. Antique, dark-wood tables were occupied by chattering groups of people, huddled around free-flowing candles in bottles that had left rivulets of white lava on the tables. Wall-mounted church candles continued the theme. They had dripped down the black cast – iron brackets, creating fragile stalactites of wax. 

Various bottles were lined up along glass shelves, spanning the length of the wall behind the bar. They were cleverly backlit to illuminate the range of coloured liquids like an apothecary’s hoard. Behind the shelves were mirrors, creating the illusion of opulence and spaciousness. The bar curved towards the back of the maze-like building and disappeared into the depths of three other dimly lit arches.

It was at least fifteen minutes since Jamie had escaped. Surely, by now, Alex must have noticed that she had left the pub, and be wondering where she had got to? Jamie took out her phone. Useless. The battery was flat. Three more people crashed their way through the door – wet through but laughing and immensely pleased to have found shelter. This wasn’t just a short summer shower, it seemed. Resigned to the possibility that she was going to be stuck here longer than she’d expected, Jamie decided to make the most of it. Besides, after the night she’d just had, she needed.


Seizing the opportunity, she headed for a newly vacant barstool and reached into her jeans pocket, flinching at a stab of pain from her wrist. She pulled out a scrunched-up ten-pound note and some loose coins. If this was all the cash she had, she wouldn’t be able to afford the cab fare home, as well as a nightcap. What the hell. Home would have to wait. It would be easier to solve the problem of the lost keys later in the day when she was thinking more clearly.

Jamie leant across the bar to pick up a cocktail menu. Pushing her sodden fringe from her eyes, she skimmed down the page in search of the cheapest drinks. Drops of rain from her hair smudged the ink. Wiping the menu with her sleeve only made it worse. Now the print was only partially legible – hopeless without her reading glasses.

The bartender came to the rescue. “Here, use this to dry yourself off.” She offered Jamie the linen cloth over her shoulder. “It’s only been used to polish the glasses. It’s clean.”

“Thanks.” Jamie could feel her usually sculpted, spiked hair was now a flattened, dripping mullet. She quickly rubbed her head and handed back the cloth, catching her reflection in the glass behind the bottles. It wasn’t a pretty sight, but she didn’t want to draw attention to herself by fussing further over her hairstyle malfunction.

To preserve the illusion of composure, Jamie casually peeled off her wet jacket. For the first time, she took a proper look at her recent purchase. Bleach-splashed, augmented with chains, zips and safety pins, patched with badges and odd squares of tartan, it really was dreadful. Jamie gave it a shake and draped it over the seat of her barstool. She sat down on the makeshift cushion. Her comfort, however, was short-lived – damp started seeping into the seat of her jeans. She shifted her weight uneasily, trying to look as though she was concentrating on a replacement cocktail menu.

“Typical English weather,” the bartender smirked. She slid a bowl of peanuts in front of Jamie. “What can I get you?” She made eye contact.

Jamie held her gaze. “Surprise me,” she said, realising she hadn’t yet selected a cocktail. “It’ll have to be under a tenner, though.” She apologetically smoothed out the ten-pound note onto the counter.

“I’m guessing this is hair-of-the-dog time?”

“You wouldn’t be wrong there.”

“Well, now, let me see…” The waitress turned to scan the bottles on the shelves, giving her concoction careful consideration. She took what appeared to be a jar of marmalade from the chiller cabinet. Then the theatre of her art began.

Jamie watched her pour the contents of a bright orange bottle into a shaker full of crushed ice. She lost track after that. A skilfully trained mixologist, this woman provided the full works, and Jamie appreciated the spectacle of her juggling act.

Eventually, tasting from the end of a dipped-in straw, and approving of her creation with a nod, the bartender finally offered a lighter flame to a slither of orange peel, twisted it and dropped it in the drink. Routine complete, she stood back, waiting for Jamie’s reaction.

“I feel like I should be holding up score cards after that performance.” Jamie took a long sip. Still drinking, she gave a thumbs up. “Oh, wow, now that’s good.”


“What is it?”

The woman tapped the cocktail menu in front of Jamie. “Call it breakfast.”

Jamie read: Marmalade Martini. She liked this woman’s sense of humour. “Any toast and a mug of breakfast tea to go with that?”

The bartender turned to serve the next customer.

“What do I owe you?” Jamie picked up the ten-pound note and waved it in her direction.

The bartender glanced back. “On the house,” she replied with a smile.

A free drink? Why? Jamie watched the bartender fill the customer’s order, then take a wineglass from the rack before returning to Jamie’s section of the counter.

“It’s okay,” the woman added. “I’m the owner of this place.” She slowly polished the wineglass. “Anyhow, you look like you could do with a nightcap,” she said with a wink. “Heavy night, was it?”

“A free drink? I must really look rough if you thought I needed alcohol that badly.” Jamie noticed the smile lines around the woman’s eyes and mouth – deep and expressive. Jamie was an ‘eyes’ woman, and this woman used hers to communicate. Trying not to stare, Jamie took note of her simple, almost symmetrical, pear-shaped face. She had a strong, strikingly chiselled chin, and a slight Romanesque bump on the bridge of her nose. Her highlighted auburn hair was centre-parted and pulled back over her ears into a short ponytail, barely reaching the base of her neck. Was she wearing makeup? If so, it was expertly applied. For a fleeting moment, Jamie toyed with the possibility of there being a shared chemistry worth pursuing here.

But the woman’s attention had already turned, as a new person’s custom proved more appealing. Jamie watched, mesmerised, as the bartender held the gaze of the next guy at the bar, striking up a similarly attentive conversation with him. There was something about her; he, too, appeared taken in by her charm.



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Five Stars!

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#FF Flashback Saturday – Meet author Louise ‘S.L.’ Gape

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. Today I’m reposting my interview with Triplicity Publishing author, Louise ‘S.L’ Gape, whose book, Nautical Delights, is doing very well. Here is an update from Louise.

“Unfortunately no books for me since early 2018, due to some personal stuff going, changing jobs and buying a new home. I started back up end of summer and as I finished one book, currently unnamed I’m working with TriPub to try and find something that suits, I was overcome with new ideas for another book. Given we all know how easy it is to lose sight of our WIPs (or maybe that’s just me, and I’m the only one with several half written books at home) I felt it prudent to park book 6 and revisit editing. With that said I’m coming to the end of writing Life’a Lessons (book 7) and hope to have both released this summer. Then I’m sure living alone will bring ample time to get back on it.”


Good morning Everyone and welcome.  Today author Louise Gape has stopped by to chat with us.  Her new book, ‘Too Soon’ is getting very positive reviews. I invite you to stop in and meet this amazing woman and get to know her.


 “Live life to the full. We only get one chance at it!”

Louise Gape

 What is ‘Too Soon’ about?
‘Too soon’ is about Brooke a detective from Oxford, England who is currently off work from her job as a detective following a shooting. Her life is pretty much in turmoil with the exception of her boss/girlfriend; until Maria shatters her life and tells her she’s leaving her for their best friend and insisting Brooke leaves their home.

Brooke’s best friends Kate and Jo are there to back her and get her through everything and suggest getting away for a while. Alas, Brooke ends up in A holiday park in Anglesey.

Enter Chloe, driven, dynamic, spunky and finds it impossibly hard to not poke fun of the uptight Brooke at every opportunity. Brooke’s life slowly starts to unfold, revelations of the relationship becoming clear and each weekend spent with her new friend Chloe when she comes to spend time at her holiday home.

Their bond grows, but the uncertainty of all against them lingers as to whether it’s meant to be or whether it’s simply ‘Too Soon.’ 

It’s obvious by your book cover that you love the beach, tell us more why you chose it.

Creating my front cover is almost as exciting as writing for me. I have a tendency to envisage my cover prior to choosing the title. I knew I wanted it to be very surf orientated as that was the drive I got whilst writing Too Soon.  I love the beach, the sounds of the ocean, and the surf. I love that release and escape that it brings, as with writing. It’s completely my happy place, which is unfortunately the downside of living in the U.K. But I guess it makes me appreciate it all the more when I go on vacation. 

Book Cover

Did you do any types of writing while you were in school?  Have you received any awards or recognition for your work?

No I didn’t. I was very sports focussed in school. I love Shakespeare but I never did anything like this. In fact, I only started writing less than two years ago, by way of release and it resulted in this.  Which is completely surreal and strange to me, but I’m loving it no less.

Is there anyone or anything in your life who encouraged you to write?   What did they do?

I guess not. I did my first book as a way of avoiding having to face change that was going on in my professional life.  It began as a story I’d write on the numerous occasions I was living in hotels and away from home, and ended up being 100k words.  This in turn resulted in being offered a few publishing deals. After that I realised I loved it and … yeah, I guess I’m engrossed in it. The escapism of it is what captivates me. I love that.

Does your writing include aspects about you?

Yes, I think any writer subliminally includes elements of your life but it does frustrate me when people say “oh that’s such and such a person” I feel the need to redo it.  (This could be my friends thinking they’re funny though haha) But that’s my perfectionism I guess. I actively try to refrain, although my first book The Life of Riley, was very much about my life experience as a holiday rep. Which is a big thing in Europe and not so much in the US, but I spent 7 years doing the job and lived in Spain, Greece, Egypt, Lapland, Dom Rep and Bahamas so there was a lot of infusion from those experiences; not that it was about me per se. 

Have you ever had a fantasy come true?

Well I guess it depends in what the reference of fantasy is? If you mean a fantasy dream something I wished would happen then yes, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have many. If, however, you are referring to more of a ‘romantic’ fantasy then no not really.  I guess there are times when I’ve wanted something to happen and it has but I’m a complete romantic so I’d probably never see it as a fantasy happening as I’d probably never deem it as being impacting enough. 

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?  Can you elaborate on what has worked for you to generate creativity?

Can you elaborate on what has worked for you to generate creativity? I guess I hope they like my books.  It’s difficult for me as I’m very self-critical and nothing is good enough, throw into the mix the fact I’m new to this, don’t do this full time as a career and have never had any steer or direction, I can only go off what the readers think. And as I said I hope they like it and I hope I can sustain that enjoyment for them. In terms of creativity, I’m not so sure things really do just come to me and I run with it.  That can sometimes be difficult as at present I’m in the middle of writing three different, and very different novels, and dependant on what mood I’m when I sit down to write I’ll go to that book. It can sometimes get very confusing. I’m a complete home girl I’ve been and done the partying and I enjoy curling up with a glass of red, my candles and my laptop and that fires the creativity.

Where is the last place you traveled?  Can you tell us more about your adventure?

Cancun. One of my favourite places for a vacation. I’ve been every year for the last 5 years. I have a fairly stressful job so I’m very much about downloading as many books on my kindle as possible and laying in the pool with my margaritas and reading. Equally I tend to get a lot of inspiration overseas, so I managed to write 75% of Worlds Apart which is the book after Fight to the Top which will be out next month.  I love travelling whether it be a beach holiday or even just a visit to Anglesey. 

Do you follow any sports teams?  If so can you tell us a bit about your interest in them?

If so can you tell us a bit about your interest in them? I love Miami dolphins.  People often assume I’m in to football because I’m from the UK and London.  But personally, not my thing. My favourite thing is to go to Florida for Super Bowl and hit up a sports bar and watch Super Bowl with some wings and wine.  I love how embroiled everyone gets in it. I have spent a lot of time in Florida both work and pleasure and despite them never doing as well as I’d want (aside from this year) I still root for them.

Louise Gape

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love to travel and I do that frequently. I go to Jamaica in April and am super excited. Outside of that my favourite things are photography and cooking.  I love just driving off and finding awesome things to photograph but I’m not a fan of greenery so the UK is wasted on me.  However, getting up at 6/7am on a Saturday morning putting the radio on and cooking/prepping some Indian or Mexican food is my total happy place.

Have you seen the now syndicated English series Absolutely Fabulous?  Who do you relate to the most, Edwina, Patsy, or Saffron?

Yes of course I’m British haha. I’d love to say Saffy the well-mannered bright one; in actuality I’m probably more likened to Eddie the ditsy, uncoordinated drunk (for clarity I’m not a drunk).

What was the last musical performance you attended?

Wicked.  I bought it for an ex-girlfriend years ago, and we split up pre, but still went… Erm Slightly awkward. 

Can you give us a shout out about your hometown (or it can be the one you reside in now)?  What is a fun and interesting attraction to visit there?

I live in a village called Stockton Heath, Cheshire and it’s awesome. My local pub the Lion is very English where we all know each other and has the best sun trap looking out onto a bowls green. The village is very Mediterranean in summer which is difficult to not be coaxed into venturing out. I love it, I love how quaint it is and calls in a lot of people especially over the weekends. 

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?

Negativity. It appears everywhere, relationships, family, religion, money. I mean don’t get me wrong personally I’d get trump out and Obama back in (personal opinions sorry) but if you take negativity and focus on positivity then I genuinely believe the world would be a better place… I’m a romantic novelist though I guess I could be deemed as being unrealistic

Me:  Making a gratitude list each day is very helpful in achieving positivity.

Heart in the Sun

What types of service work have you participated in.  How was your experience?

I’m ashamed to say I don’t really get involved in too much.  I spend a lot of time either at work, writing with my nieces and nephews and my partners 101-year-old gran.

Me:  Wow.  This is so sweet. You know your loved ones appreciate this.

What is next in the works for you?

My next novel Fight to the Top is out next month. Triplicity Publishing already have Worlds Apart my novel after that and I’m currently in the process of writing some other material which will all be out later in the year. Book Cover

Here is an excerpt from Too Soon:

“So, you see a poor girl upset, sad and distressed and you make fun of her? This will be an amazing six weeks?” she said smiling a little.  She felt at ease already, and was glad of that fact.  “Now, please, mystery surf woman, it’s taken me forever and a day to get here, please show me where my room is?” she said seriously.  

She watched the woman lift her eyebrow smirking.  “The good news is, that’s your palace, princess” She pointed behind her. “In front of you, therefore, you park up here and you’re good to go” she said smiling and walking off.  She shouted behind her without even turning around “and FYI, the mystery surfer’s name, is Chloe.  In case you were wondering?” she said turning and disappearing off, surfboard in hand.  Brooke watched Chloe leave, her long dark hair, wavy from the water. 

At last, you have found your home, she thought.  She parked her car up and went to unlock the door, deciding not to move a single bag until she had opened and got into the right place.  After today’s traumas, she was clearly very pessimistic.  Luckily for Brooke, she was good. It was the right place and she was home free. Walking in, Brooke was amazed by the size of it. Regardless of the fact it was sold as a static and not a tourer, which she didn’t understand, she couldn’t help but assume it would be a small room with a bed, settee, fridge and mini oven in. And a toilet and sink in the corner.  It wasn’t like that though; it was a small house, a small flat. It had a full kitchen, a full lounge and dining room, a full two bedrooms and a full bathroom.  She was completely astounded. It was lovely and so cute.  She walked to the end of the lounge and opened the blinds to reveal the patio doors.  Opening them out onto her balcony, she took in the most spectacular sea views. Brooke sighed, and for the first time in nearly two weeks she realised it was a sigh of happiness, she couldn’t believe it, this was all completely perfect she thought. 

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My Review of Anne Hagan’s ‘Loving Blue in Red States – ‘Sweetwater Texas’

Good afternoon friends and welcome. Thank you for stopping by last week for my review for Domina Alexandra’s ‘I Belong With Her.’ It was a huge turnout. This week I am featuring my review for Anne Hagan’s ‘Loving Blue in Red States – Sweetwater Texas.’ This is a story you are going to fall in love with.

This story is about a master’s student / teacher, Emmie, who has a little son and lives with her mother in Texas. She is auditing a college class where she is writing her master’s thesis. She is family oriented, but is afraid of love and is blocking a past hurt that is affecting her now in the present. She tends to wear her insecurities on her sleeve.

I liked this protagonist and loved the interaction she had with her son. He is a sweet little boy. She has a kid side to her that I just adore.

Cass is a little bit on the feisty side and could have toned down her demeaner a bit. I really didn’t care for her in the beginning because she was brash and invasive.  As the story goes on, her character grew on me and I was able to see she really does have tender feelings. She is an excellent rancher and can rope a spooked horse and then calm him down. I thought that was another nice touch to the story.

The book is easy reading and can be read in about an hour and is perfect for an afternoon get-a-way. The dynamics between the two protagonists is priceless. It was a tug of war at time, but that is what made the story so fun. That is all I’m going to say so go get the book.
Book CoverHere is an excerpt to get you started.


Lucius looked around the nearly empty room. He noticed Cass lingering near her seat in the front. “Something I can help you with Miss?”

“Actually, I wanted a word with Ms. Warren.”

“I see.”

Lucius turned back to Emmie. “If you want to give me those forms, I can run them by the administration office tomorrow morning when I’m back here. They’re closed right now.”

Emmie leaned toward him. “I think that’s what she wants to talk about.” She tipped her head slightly toward Cass. “I can drop them off Thursday evening when I get here, if that’s all right?”

“I guess that’s fine. Don’t forget.”

“I won’t.”

“Ladies,” Lucius said, as he turned and stepped backwards to view them both. He tipped a couple of fingers to his head as he dipped it like he was doffing an imaginary cowboy hat.

Cass watched him leave before she approached. ”Sorry to hold you up.”

“No problem. How can I help you?”

“I think Professor Fox has taken quite a liking to you.”


“Don’t get offended. It’s just something I noticed, is all. I notice things. That’s my job.”

“Then you’ve missed quite a lot. The Professor is married and I’m…I’m not in the market for dates, flings or anything else of that sort.” If she only knew, Emmie thought.

“Whatever you say,” Cass said. “I didn’t come back here to argue with you.”

“Why did you come back here?”

Cass held up the release form, face out. “This. I need just a little bit more information before I become someone’s guinea pig.”

Emmie did her best to control her temper as she addressed the brash woman. “It’s not a requirement. You’re free to skip participating and just go on your way whenever I’m…well, whenever I’m doing the things I need to do with the class for my research.”

“Not very confident in yourself, are you, Emmie?” She said her name with added emphasis.

Emmie threw her hands up. “I thought you didn’t want to argue? Look, if that’s all, I really do need to get going. I have a little bit of a drive to get home and I have work to do yet this evening.”

“Abilene?” Cass asked, as Emmie gathered her things.

“Other direction. Other side of Sweetwater, here, out a little ways.”


Five Stars

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Winter Hearts CoverThank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed today’s book review. Anne has an announcement to make. She and twelve authors led by Amanda Radley aka A.E. Radley created a compilation of short romance holiday stories called ‘Winter Hearts.’All proceeds are going to two charities, Stonewall and the Trevor Project. You are going to want to read these stories as they will get you into the Christmas spirit. The collection is slotted to be released on November 16, 2018. Nothing beats a nice romance for this time of the year. You are going to fall in love with the authors. Come back next week when I’ll be presenting something new.

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Cover Photo

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My Review of Jenny Frame’s ‘Unexpected’

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you for stopping by last week. It was a pleasure seeing you all. I want to give you a big thanks of appreciation for all the support you’ve given me for my book ‘Awakened by Fate.’ Today I’m featuring my book review for Jenny Frame‘s ‘Unexpected.’ This one you don’t want to miss so read on.
Unexpected‘Dale turned around and gave her a wink. “Great things can happen from little beginnings.”’

Dale McGuire – ‘Unexpected’

This story takes place in London, both the city and a more rural area. There are two protagonists, Dale and Becca who share one thing in common treasured by both. Pay attention in the beginning so that you will understand the roles of the players. Let’s meet them.

‘Dale turned around and gave her a wink. “Great things can happen from little beginnings.”’

Dale McGuire – ‘Unexpected’

Dale McGuire is a car mechanic and has a sweet soul. She comes off as being tough and rough around the edges. However, she is very confident in herself. She doesn’t like to share much about herself and only a handful of people know her story. She loves to entertain women but refuses to let them see the real her. She enjoys a good challenge and won’t stop until she gets what she wants. She holds a secret which is a shocker when revealed. Be prepared.
Jenny's Quote.pngThe other protagonist, Becca, is a commercial artist and a single mother to a gifted child. She is beautiful, but only on the outside. She comes off as a lonely scared aloof girl in the beginning. She is rigid and holds her feelings inside for the most part. I didn’t like my first impression of her and she made me feel uncomfortable. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting much from her. But read on.

The only person she trusts is her child, and the mother-child relationship between them is priceless. She also holds a different secret that she won’t let go of. You’ll see more in the book.

Introducing the antagonists, Ashley and Trent.

Ashley is a news writer for a well-known publication. I didn’t like this character because she is too self-centered. Her ulterior motive caused a lot of drama.

Trent is Becca’s ex-lover and is very much still in love with her. From the start, she got on my nerves. Her words and actions add intensity to the story which plays an important role in the plot.
Author PhotoThere is romance in the story and it is hot. I will warn you that certain scenes are a bit on the graphic side, including a few choice words.

A twist early in the story is interesting. What comes next is mind blowing and you’ll never guess what happens!

What I like is both leads grow. I got to see softer sides of their personalities. I applaud the author for providing impressive flashbacks of Dale, which enriched her character. It was beautiful watching both characters evolve.

The pace of the story is moderate. This book is a real page turner. I recommend reading it in one sitting. It took me about five and half hours to read. You don’t want to miss this one. You may shed a tear or two so keep your tissue box handy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here is an excerpt for you to enjoy!

UnexpectedBecca felt the room start to spin a little as she took a seat in the waiting room of her lawyer’s office. The Monday morning journey into the city of London had been horrendous. After putting Jake on the school bus, she walked a mile to the nearest bus stop, took the bus to the nearest train station, and caught a train to the city. Her stress levels were sky-high, and no doubt offered her a seat. Becca could have kissed her.

By the time she arrived at the offices of Trent, Trent, and Masters, she was ready to faint, vomit, or cry, possibly all three.

Becca gripped the arms of her chair tightly, trying to steady her dizziness, and said to the receptionist, “Could I have some water, please?”

“Of course, Ms. Harper.” The staff at Trent, Trent, and Masters knew her well. They had been her family’s solicitors for many years, and the firm was now run by the younger Ms. Trent.

The receptionist returned with a chilled bottle of water and a glass. “Trent won’t be too much longer.”

Trent, as everyone called her, was an old friend and ex-lover. She was the one person in the world who had always stood by her, and although their relationship didn’t work out, they had remained friends. She trusted her implicitly with her business, just not her heart.

Becca took a sip of cool water and some big breaths of air to try and quell the sick dizzy feeling she was having.
UnexpectedTrent opened her office door and with a big smile and a welcoming gesture. “Becca, wonderful to see you. Come in.”

Trent looked as smart and dapper as usual, with a pale grey three-piece suit and highly polished shoes. She was very good looking and always popular with the ladies.

Becca allowed Trent to give her a quick hug and kiss before she sat down.

“How’s the sprog?” Trent asked.

The term immediately made Becca mad. “His name is Jake.”

Trent held up her hands defensively. “I know. It’s just an expression. How is Jake, then? Still on his way to becoming the next Albert Einstein?”

Becca sat down carefully and Trent sat on the corner of the desk with her arms folded. That was Trent. She always had to play these games, but she had lost the ultimate power game with her.

“Jake’s doing well. His new school has really helped him grow.”

“Hmm.” Trent let out a long breath. “It’s extremely expensive, Becca.”

It was times like this that Becca wondered if having her ex as her lawyer was a good idea, but no matter what stupid things Trent might say, she could trust her with her personal business.

“Yes, and something you will never be burdened with,” Becca said with a sharp tinge to her voice.

“Okay, okay. No need to get excited.” Trent walked back around and sat at her desk.

Becca had been mulling over whether to ask Trent’s advice about Dale McGuire, and decided it couldn’t do any harm to get legal advice. “Trent, before we get started, I wanted to ask you something.”

Purchase ‘Unexpected’

Five Stars.

I want to thank you all for joining us today. It was a pleasure seeing all of you. Be sure to stop by next week for more exciting stuff.

Until Next Time,

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Awakened by Fate

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Meet Author Jenny Frame

Hello everyone and welcome. Thank you for coming by last week for my whale watching adventure. As promised, today I am presenting my interview with author Jenny Frame.  I am currently reading her book, ‘Unexpected,’ so stay tuned for my review in the upcoming weeks. Today Jenny will be sharing her life. Come meet this fabulous storyteller.

Author Photo

Jenny's QuoteAnonymous

Tell us about yourself.
I am from a little town just outside Glasgow, in Scotland called Motherwell. I live there with my partner Lou and our crazy standard poodle Barney. Lou and I have been together for 13 years and married for just under a month. We couldn’t be happier.

What inspired you to create ‘Unexpected?’
Well, I had often seen the idea, in films, and TV of a mother falling in love with the sperm donor to her child, and I thought what if it was two women? I think the idea of one character carrying the other’s baby is so intriguing in a romantic sense, and it just seemed to work perfectly as a premise.


Where is the most remote place you’ve created for a character?
My upcoming novel, Huger For you has the characters going from Monte Carlo to Venice, to London, and finally to a castle on the very northern tip of Scotland. I think that’s about as remote as you can get. Just sheep, and trees for miles.

What is your favorite vegetarian dish?
Probably black bean chili. You can do so much with it. Serve it with rice, in burritos, in baked sweet potatoes. Delicious!

Let’s talk about your blog and share with the readers what you like to write about.
In my blog, I like to write about what inspired me to write, how I share some characteristics with the characters or wish I did. I also like to talk about the music that I listen to when I write. For every book, there’s always one theme tune that emerges from the book, and I like to share that. Plus some silly cooking stuff, and any book news.

Me: When you go Jenny’s Blog, don’t forget to sign up for more great reading.

Jenny and LouHow has mediation improved your life?
I don’t do it as religiously as I used to. Life gets in the way sometimes. But I always know when I’m having one crisis or another, that it’s there waiting for me, and it always does help.

Which Star Wars saga do you like, the three originals or the latter ones and why?
Probably the originals because they remind me of my childhood. I like the new ones too though.

Would you ever want to take a ride on the Hogwarts Express?  Tell us about your journey.
Oh definitely. I would love to take my two nieces on it. They share a love of Harry Potter with me, and we’ve spent countless hours watching the films over and over. I don’t know about my girls, but I think the most exciting bit would be the sweet trolley. The chocolate frogs, and all the other sweeties.


What is your favorite thing about Glasgow?
That my darlin’ Lou comes from there. She’s the best thing to come out of Glasgow.

Who is your favorite UK band? Have you seen them live? If so where?
It would probably be Queen. I was brought up on rock music like that, along with Rolling Stones, they would probably be my favourites. I’ve seen Rolling Stones play in Glasgow. It was amazing.

I think the greatest thing about seeing them live was being there with my Dad. He’d seen them once in Scotland back when the Stones were just starting out, and all these years later it meant a lot to share it with him.

Let’s give a shout out to your publisher, Bold Strokes Books. What would you like to say to them?
Bold Strokes Books have been wonderful to me from day one. They took a chance on me and gave me a wonderful editor to work with. Ruth Sternglantz couldn’t be more patient or kind and has helped me develop and become a much better writer. All the staff at BSB have been kind, and it’s a very supportive atmosphere between all the authors and staff. I couldn’t be happier.15th century estate

Where do you like to go to get out into nature?
I love to look at nature, but I’m sorry to say I’m not an outdoors sort of person. I’m an extreme introvert and prefer to watch nature through my window or through my iPad. One thing I adore is the sound of rain, maybe it’s the pessimist in me that likes it. I have rain apps on my iPhone so I can always have the rain with me.

Besides writing, what are some of your other favorite interests?
Lou and I love watching football. Our every weekend is centred around watching that on TV.motherwell-logo

What’s next for you?
Next up is Hunger For You out April 1st, then I continue the paranormal theme with ‘Soul Of The Pack,’ the second in the Wolfgang series. I finish off the year with the third in Royal Romance series, ‘Royal Court.’ It’s a busy year!

Me: I can’t wait until this comes out. Until then, I have an excerpt for you all to enjoy.

Hunger for You cover

Chapter One

Amelia Honey skipped upstairs from the cutting room of Grenville and Thrang bespoke tailors, one of the oldest on London’s Savile Row. Her stomach was doing flips with excitement, as it always did when she spent any precious time with Byron Debrek. Her lover’s international business commitments meant their time together was limited and unpredictable. That was the one and only thing that had troubled Amelia in the six months she had been dating Byron. She wasn’t reliable, and as much as Byron apologized for the cancelled dates and missed phone calls, it was hard when Amelia found herself at home alone on a Friday night, while other couples were spending the weekend together, having fun and binge-watching all the latest TV shows.

When Amelia reached the top of the stairs and saw Byron framed in the doorway by sunlight, holding a single long-stemmed rose in her hand, with the sexiest smile she had ever seen, she let her worries fall away. Life wasn’t perfect and she supposed that was part of Byron’s attraction. She was unpredictable and brought flash and glam into her formerly dull, grey life. None of that mattered now. They were going on holiday together for two weeks, and she would get Byron’s undivided attention. She guessed Byron had suggested a holiday to make up for all the missed dates and appointments.

As she walked towards Byron, Amelia purposefully put an extra roll to her hips and got a thrill when, as always, her lover’s eyes followed them intently. She felt powerful—she, Amelia Honey, a tailor, could keep the attention of the enigmatic, rich, stunningly good looking CEO of the Debrek banking group.

Byron took her hand and kissed it softly. “Miss Honey, you are beautiful as always. This is for you.”

She took the rose from Byron and inhaled its perfume. “Thank you.”

Amelia’s heart hammered in her chest when Byron’s lips touched her hand, and she inhaled the scents of the rose as well as Byron’s aftershave. It was astonishing how much her life had changed since she had measured Byron for a suit for the first time six months ago. Byron had been coming to Grenville and Thrang since before she’d joined the staff. Amelia’s Uncle Jaunty, the Grenville of Grenville and Thrang, had always dealt with Byron privately,  and Amelia had admired her from afar for a long time before her uncle had given her the opportunity to take an appointment with Byron. 

The appointment had been nerve-racking, scary, and exciting, all at the same time. They had a powerful chemistry from the very first, so much so that during their second meeting, Byron introduced her to some of the darker pleasures she had only fantasized about, here, on her workbench downstairs.

She had never felt so physically attracted to anyone in her life. When they were near each other, everyone else around them melted away and it took every shred of control Amelia had not to give in to their passion. She felt almost compelled to touch her or be touched. There was much more than passion, though—she was falling in love with Byron, and she hoped this time together could cement their feelings and Byron would give her some kind of commitment.

“Are you ready? Your carriage awaits,” Byron said.

Amelia smiled and lightly traced a fingernail down Byron’sinky blue tie with white polka dots. “I just have to see Uncle Jaunty first, then make sure Daisy has everything she needs, and then I’ll be ready.”

Daisy, her apprentice, was fresh out of fashion school and eager to fill in for Amelia while she was away.

She grasped Byron’s tie softly. “I like this tie by the way.”

“I have to keep you interested, Miss Honey. Why don’t I come with you? Your uncle and I can share a drink while you get ready to leave.”     

As they walked through the shop hand in hand, the staff and the customers averted their eyes. Byron seemed to have the ability to make people nervous or intimidated with just a look. Those looks made Amelia hot, excited, turned on, but never scared or intimidated. Byron had never given her any cause to be fearful—the opposite, in fact, she treated Amelia more like a fine piece of China, and sometimes Amelia really wanted to shake Byron up.

“Weren’t you supposed to phone me last night?” Amelia said as they walked to the back office.

“Ah…yes. I’m sorry. I was in Zurich, and a business meeting ran over. I thought it too late to telephone you after I got back to my hotel suite, but I promise to make up for it.”

Amelia stopped outside her uncle’s office door and looked at Byron carefully. There was a little voice, a little jealous voice that often questioned whether Byron was alone when she went back to her hotel rooms, as she travelled all over the world. As she looked into Byron’s eyes, all she could see was passion and, she hoped, love—but Byron had never said the words.

She raised up on tiptoe and pecked Byron on the lips, deciding to ignore the nagging voice. “I hope so, no more business talk. We’re going on holiday,” Amelia exclaimed.

She knocked on the door and entered to find her uncle working at his computer. He stood and smiled when he saw them.

“Byron, wonderful to see you again so soon.” Jaunty walked around the desk to shake Byron’s hand. Jaunty was tall and impeccably dressed, never seen without a suit, his trademark bow tie, and the ever-present tape measure hanging around his shoulders. 

“Good to see you looking so well, Jaunty. Is Simon well?” Byron said.

Jaunty put his arm around Amelia, and she immediately reciprocated, laying her head on his shoulder.

“Very well, thank you. I hear you are taking our little Amelia to Monaco. I hope you’ll take care of her.” 

“Uncle Jaunty, don’t. You know I can take care of my myself.” Amelia nudged her uncle. She was secretly pleased he was so protective and cared so much. At eighteen, she had run away from her highly conservative and religious parents to stay with her uncle and his partner Simon.

Hunger for You cover

She had always been forbidden from talking to or asking about her mother’s brother, but she did her research and secretly communicated with him, and eventually ran to London to get away from her suffocating home life—and to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. It was only natural that after graduating from the London School of Fashion, she came into her uncle’s business.

Byron placed her hand on her heart. “With my life. I promise you, Jaunty.”

Amelia kissed her uncle on the cheek and said, “I need to speak to Daisy and get my things. Why don’t you and Byron chat while I’m gone?”

“Of course, sweetie. Off you go.”

When Amelia went off to get her jacket and freshen up, Jaunty poured them a drink.

“Have you ever done this before, Byron?” Jaunty handed her a glass of whiskey.

“What do you mean? Go on holiday with a woman?” Byron asked.

Jaunty nodded.  Byron crossed her legs and took a sip of whiskey. “No, I’ve never even taken a holiday before, with or without a woman.”

Jaunty sat back behind his desk but seemed tense. “This must be serious for you then?”

“Jaunty, if you have something to say, then say it.”

Jaunty looked entirely uncomfortable talking this way to her, but she admired his strength for doing it.

“Byron, Amelia is like a daughter to me and Simon. She came to us hurt, alone, and with her confidence destroyed by my sister and brother-in-law. We got her through college and gave her a safe place to live.”

“I know that, Jaunty. I know she thinks of you and Simon as her fathers.”

“She’s not one of those streetwise women I’m sure you meet on the European business circuit and at your glamorous parties.”

“You don’t think I’m toying with her, do you? I know sometimes I have to cancel our dates but—” 

“You are my friend, Byron, and your father and I have been friends for years, and I know how difficult this kind of relationship will be for you and Amelia.”

The way Jaunty looked at him and the way he was speaking gave Byron pause to think he knew what she was, what her father was. She leaned forward and put her drink down on the desk.

“What do you mean?” Byron asked.

Jaunty got up and walked to the safe in the corner of the office. He spun the lock and the door opened with a creak. He riffled through some papers and then brought a photograph over to show her.

“This was taken on the first day I bought into the business after Albert Thrang died. Your father loaned me the money to buy the business.”

Byron nodded. “I know—my father said he trusted you implicitly. That’s why I came to you, Jaunty.” Byron had lived her life as a man through the centuries when running an international business as a woman would have been difficult. As time went by, and the culture changed, she felt able to come out as her true self, but she was always naturally more masculine than feminine and expressed herself that way both in her clothes and sexually. Jaunty, as her tailor, gave her the discretion she needed, and never blinked an eye as he measured her up for her suits, and found her to be wearing a strap-on. This was just who she was, and he’d always accepted it.

“I know why you came to me.” Jaunty showed her the picture and pointed at the tall man in the picture who looked so much like Byron, except for the artificially induced salt-and-pepper hair. 

“This was forty-seven years ago, and your father hasn’t aged a day.”

Normally her family didn’t keep up long-term friendships, so these difficulties didn’t arise. But Michal was very fond of Jaunty, so was Byron, and now she was falling for his niece. She had never planned on this relationship, but after the first taste of Amelia’s lips, she knew she could not turn her back on her, despite the many problems a relationship posed for someone like her, and despite vowing long ago to never ever care for a woman again.

Byron was reminded of that close friend from a long time ago who had prophesized that one day a young woman would come along and pierce her impenetrable heart. Byron had never believed it—until recently.

“I could never hurt her, and I would do anything to keep her safe, I can promise you that. This holiday is to work out what we can be together. I’ve never taken a chance like this, never let someone into my world like this.” 

Jaunty let out a breath. “You need to be so careful, Byron. My girl is head over heels for you.”

This should have sent her fleeing in fear—it always had done before if any women she slept with got too close—but Amelia was different. She was her girl, shining with goodness, and that goodness lit up the dark parts of her.

Byron’s hearing picked up the sound of Amelia’s heels on the wooden floors. “She’s coming. You don’t have anything to worry about, Jaunty. Amelia is safe with me.”

I want to thank Jenny for stopping by. ‘Hunger for You’ will be available on 01-April-18. Be sure to check out her links for more news.

Jenny’s Facebook page
Jenny’s Twitter page
Jenny’s Instagram page
Jenny’s Amazon Author Central page

Be sure to stop by next week when I’ll be reviewing a sizzling book by Author Erin Wade. You don’t want to miss this one!

Until Next Time,


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My Review for Amy Dunne’s ‘Season’s Meetings’

Good afternoon friends and welcome. Thank you so much for visiting last week. The blog meant a lot to me and thanks to all for liking it. This week I’m extending the holiday season with my book review for author Amy Dunne – ‘Season’s Meetings.’ As many of you know, Christmas is a favorite time of mine.

Season's Meetings cover“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.”

~ Jane Austen

The players of the story are Catherine and Holly, who go on an unplanned adventure together at a mutual person’s home, who happens to be Catherine’s only friend, Beth.

Catherine is a workaholic and uses her job to cover up an old love pain. However, she does outreach work to heal emotional scars. At the same time she is uptight and needs a release so she can enjoy the beauty that life has to offer. Her vibe is standoffish and she can’t relax at all.

“I’m sorry, Cat.”

“For what?” Catherine asked. Her palms grew sweaty and she blotted them on her trousers.

“I’ve tried to be reasonable with you. I’ve given it my best shot, but you’re right. I can’t change your mind. You’ve left me no choice.” Beth sighed dramatically. “I’ve got to use my secret weapon. I’m sorry.”

Holly is young, energetic and is starting out on her own. She is Beth’s cousin and was invited for the festivities. She keeps her life simple and it works for her.

I found Holly to be delightful and playful. Never did I sense negative feelings from her. Even in the worst of times, she still manages to be optimistic. Her character touched me.

A twist comes into the play putting the two women into danger. This got both of them to rethink their priorities and realize what is really important.  I was chilled as I read along.

There is a lot of suspense that kept me on edge. Also there is plenty of good drama between several of the characters. Maybe even a catfight. I felt the hairs on my neck standing up during these scenes. The interactions between the players flowed flawlessly.

And of course, there is romance in the story, which was tender and loving. Both of the women were equally involved and made a nice steamy scene, that gave me excitement. They were descriptive, but not over the top. I felt the love between them and couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next.

This book is sweet and I enjoyed it. It kept me in the Holiday spirit. The author is clear with her descriptions and atmosphere. It took me about five and a half hours to read and I would recommend carving out an afternoon where you can do just that. You are going to love how this story unfolds.

After I read the book, I got a chance to listen to the audible version. It is very smooth and easy to get into. The narrator voiced all the characters, creating a robust and rich experience. You will be very pleased.

Five Stars

Season's Meetings cover



Excerpt 1

Catherine straightened her shirt with both hands. She disliked this part of her job but also happened to be rather good at it. “So, if we don’t dramatically increase our sales before the Christmas break, January’s going to be a bleak month. With the current economic situation I’m sure I don’t need to emphasise how difficult finding a new job is. If you want to still have a job in the New Year, you’ve got to sell more in the next two and a half weeks than you did for the whole of last month.”

Tom, a lanky man with thinning blond hair, raised his hand. Catherine nodded curtly, giving him permission to speak.

“Isn’t that basically a threat, Catherine?”

Catherine folded her arms and regarded him coolly. “No, Tom. It’s an honest prediction of what’s likely to happen. I’m not here to be nice, to be liked, or to tell you comforting little lies. I’m here to get results.”

“But it’s so close to Christmas,” Alice said in an infuriatingly nasally whiney tone. She was plump with grey hair and a bright red nose from her incessant nose blowing. Large novelty Christmas tree earrings hung from both earlobes. “What you’re asking is practically impossible.”

“What I’m asking is difficult, but not impossible,” Catherine said. Exasperated by the attitude and glares she was receiving, she tried to boost their morale. “If we follow the strategies and give our all, we can achieve our targets. We’ve a distinct advantage. While all the other departments and sale companies dramatically slow down and take their eye off the prize in the lead-up to Christmas, we can reap the benefits. Unfortunately, there are going to be some restrictions. From this moment on, no more annual leave requested before Christmas will be authorised—”.

Excerpt 2

“Glad you see sense.” Catherine pulled out a chair from under the table. “I have another surprise.” 

“You do?” 

“Yes. I need you to sit down here, plug these earphones in, and close your eyes.” 

Holly looked confused but sat as requested. Catherine removed Holly’s plate to one side. When Catherine handed her the earphones, she hesitated and searched Catherine’s face. 

“Do you trust me?” Catherine asked, her heart beating a little bit faster. 

“Totally,” Holly said. She plugged her ears and clenched her eyes shut. 

Catherine quickly set up her tablet. The screen flashed, and when faces appeared she plugged the earphones in. 

Holly physically jumped from the sound. Her eyes flew open and she stared at the screen in disbelief. After three quick blinks, her hands shot to her mouth, and she let out a gasp. 

Catherine’s work was done for the time being, so she stepped away from the table. She watched Holly closely, storing everything to memory, especially the expressions and the few stray tears of what she hoped indicated joy. 

“Mum? Dad? Shit! How’s this even possible?” Holly asked. Listening to an answer Catherine  couldn’t hear, Holly nodded at the screen, and then looked over to her. Swallowing and clutching her chest, she mouthed the words, “thank you.” 

Catherine shot her a wink and left the kitchen, patting her thigh for Kimmy to follow her into the bedroom. Her plan for at least the next thirty minutes was to take Kimmy for a walk so Holly could have some privacy while talking with her family in Canada.

Purchase ‘Season’s Meetings’

I want to give you all a special thanks for joining us today. Also I’d like to send a thank you to Amy Dunne for creating this wonderful book. Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be featuring Artist, Jen Chef.

Until next time,


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Meet Author Linda Bates (‘Everlusting Love’)

Good afternoon Everyone! It is great to see you. Today author Linda Bates, author of ‘Everlusting Love’ has stopped by to chat with us. Her story has a dynamic complex main character and is full of twists. It will take you on a journey to exotic places of the world as well as into the depths of your imagination. Get set for a breath taking experience. Let’s give Linda a warm welcome.


 ‘Smile at the World and It Will Smile Back.’

 Everlusting Love

 Who is Linda Bates?

She’s an author of many books, some published, some ready for pubbing, and some are in the making.

I am a Yorkshire lass first, and a Brit second. Where I come from, you don’t have to ask why that is so. I did a great five day talk on BBC Radio called ‘Life Stories’ where I talked about my life and my writing. I found the process really interesting. I suppose I should put them on YouTube for the benefit of those who didn’t get to hear the recordings. I had a fascinating day with Kevin (Fernihough – pronounced Ferni-ho), he was really nice and easy to talk to, and I had a lovely chat with the producer there talking about his career and how he might see himself in five years’ time! We joked because he said he felt I was the interviewer, and he was the guest, but we got on so well, and was it was so relaxing, like a home from home, really, that everything came naturally. I am never ill at ease with people, I love them, and animals, of course, though I stress, I am not a vegetarian. Sorry, you guys, but I have so many food allergies and have a careful diet, that I can’t afford to purposefully cut out what I can, and meat is one of those products.

In your childhood, you did a lot of traveling. Can you share about your favorite places?

I am well-travelled, and so are my books, and if any of you have bought American Dream paperback from either of the outlets-there are 52 countries and I sell in Barnes & Noble, too, as well as in my beloved Cumbria, the local bookstore holds copies of American Dream, and will soon be stocking my latest full novel, Everlusting Love-there is a write-up on the back that will tell you from where I originate. I also have a blurb on my website for Everlusting Love that will give you all the information of where I have travelled since I have written of the places I have been, and know. New York is not one of them, though I would love someday to visit with my friends over there.


What is “Everlusting Love” about?

Everywhere I have ever been and everywhere I would love to go! Everywhere in the whole wide world! I just love the differing cultures of the world, and embrace them wherever I go. I enjoy people, I’ve said that (giggle) but I really must stress that it is for the people I write. I write the books I always wanted to read as a youngster. I started out reading so many westerns in my youth, I read every single one in the library where I lived. I then began thinking that most of them held a straight romance as a running thin line throughout the books, so I wanted to create a different character, a strong woman, with no axe to grind, but someone with grit and a bit of a personality about her, and I think I accomplished that back in the day when I wrote American Dream. I wanted to write about significant women on the periphery of society, and focus on bullying, so that is how Everlusting Love started out with the initial title Basop a lo Vampire – from my South African days. I was writing the last piece of the last chapter when I thought it was too limp a title, and people might not really get what the book was about, it was not all about a S. African vampire at all, even though Africa features in the book, so does a lot of places around the world in equal measure, but it WAS about people who find themselves on the periphery of society. Those of us who find we are marginalised because of one or two, or maybe more, aspects of our life that stands out from the rest of humankind, and I wanted to portray that as a positive aspect, pointing to those of us that might view the world differently.

What was the deciding factor for your book title?

The book title came from a song that was playing in my head Everlasting Love…you know the one…”open up your eyes, then you realise, here I stand with my…everlasting love…” and so forth. Well, I was singing that in my head whilst I was putting the final words to the book, and I thought the lyrics really epitomised my story, the tale of extremes, and of lust, so I just changed a little part of the title to make Everlusting Love, and Karissa was born!!

What traits were you looking for when you were creating the main characters?

Creating the main characters? I never created them, they were born, they lived within me the whole while I was growing up, and I already had them inside me, so I did not create them, rather I think they created me, and made a monster (Laughing).

Me: Take a few minutes to check out Linda’s book trailer video for ‘Everlusting Love.’

Everlusting Love book trailer

Have you received any awards or recognition for your work?

My recognition for my work is with the readers, and the readers alone. If only one person reads my books, then I will have achieved my goal of reaching someone who needed to read my words, my work, and take it that they are never alone in the world. That is my main achievement, and that is how I view my writing. A story that people can relate to is reward enough. Of course, if people wish to bestow physical achievement awards upon me, then go ahead, knock yourself out, I will happily accept, but ideally, for me, it’s people who count.

Author 2

If you were to write a biography, who would it be about and why?

I have approached an artist regarding his biography, and he has agreed. Because I have so many books I need to focus on at the moment, this project is a much larger and important factual book that needs my full, undivided attention, so I am waiting for the right moment to get his historical data written down in a way that appeals to his audience. I love his work, and his life is fascinating, so I don’t really want to wait too long…all I can say is watch this space, that book begs to be read, and has been half written already…

In your blog you mention Being negative only makes the journey more difficult.” What does this mean to you?

I have a quote on my desk that goes something like this…’Being negative only makes the journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it!!’ This is the kind of humour that makes people sit up and take notice, so it appealed to me on all sorts of levels. It’s ironic that the gifts we have been given are locked away and not utilised until we get a burr up our saddle. I took over thirty years to decide that my writing was good enough, that I was good enough. American Dream, for instance, was written so far back in my life, and then shelved because I simply felt too insignificant. But one day two years ago or more, I shared a short story privately with a Director/Producer/Writer and she placed it not only on her film company page, but it turned up on all her pages, and on FB – the feedback was phenomenal! I got around 50 replies in the first hour, and thousands just in one week, telling me how they had enjoyed my story and asking me what else I had written. At the time, when I only had about a handful of friends on Facebook, and no website to call my own, I was really affected by that positive charge, and from that moment came the inspiration to edit and get American Dream out there, along with the start of Everlusting Love. Ironically, it was this kind of loving gesture from, yes you’ve guessed it, Nicole Conn (Perfect Ending, etc.), and Barbara Niven’s inspirational video that shoved that cactus where it belonged by telling me point-blank that ‘I was enough’. I deserved to be counted! And so do you!!

Author 3

Can you share with us a bit about your love of poetry?

I started writing poetry at the tender age of ten! I was writing poetry on all kinds of subjects. I read some out to my family on one occasion, but it didn’t go down too well. I really wrote about taboo subjects, too, that I did not read out to anyone. They were my deepest moments. I could find no other outlet at the time for my feelings of a coming of age lesbian, preferring to hide rather than be bold.

I had parents, and I am sure many of you can relate to this, who had a mind-set about such things, and although they were tolerant on the outside, their beliefs were stuck in the Victorian British stiff upper lip of children, especially girls, were seen and not heard! I was amusing, but I was discouraged from expressing a voice, since they felt sure once I had grown up, all I would do was get married and have lots of babies. I knew from the age of nine, I think, that I was not going to have children at all, but try telling a determined parent that. I laugh now, but then it was infuriating. I was stuck in their world, hence it took me such a long time to find my voice, let alone relinquish the hold of twenty-seven years of straight talk. I did, and I never looked back!

So poetry is not something I am overly fond of, yet it was my beginnings to expressing myself, that I really enjoyed, if for myself, it was very private, very pleasing to me at the time. I have written poetry in my latest creation ‘Everlusting Love’, a book I so enjoyed writing. I love the characters, even though they can be hurtful to each other. We are all flawed, we are none of us perfect, and that is what I find fascinating about human nature. We are multi-facetted, multi-dimensional. I am not a pigeon-hole, I am a human. That is why I chose Karissa as one of my main protagonists in this very complex, compelling tale. Simply, she is not a human, yet she was once, and it is this that she explores in every aspect of her relationships with people. I love her because she will bare all, and be damned!! She’s a survivor, thousands of years old, she wanders into relationships whilst on the periphery of society. I wrote about that because it is close to my heart. I wrote about women close and beyond the edge of a world that seems to tip ever so slightly to the borders of our very own psyche. Karissa, Victoria and even Jane, find it difficult to keep from revealing themselves, and this, quite frankly, pushed my buttons. They are essentially women who seem plucky, determined and feisty on the face of it, yet are ruled by their own spheres of perception, but they are not afraid to examine that. Someone recently said to me that there are a lot of descriptive, inventive paragraphs that seem to exude poetry in their symmetry, and I have to agree with them, because I have this innate need to bring all the reader’s senses into play when describing my scenes.

For instance, not giving too much away in the book, there is one place where Victoria discovers a shrivelling mass at the end of a deep, dark tunnel. The descriptive there conjures up the sight, smells, visual effects, taste of the place so palpably it has even me riveted to the spot every time, and my heart beats like an express caboose following the storyline through a grotesque collage of descriptive prose. That is my kind of poetry! I write; some poetise. I love the English language, and I revel in its many terms and twists. Don’t you?

What authors do you read? Who would you recommend?

I could recommend everyone read Dickens, especially his Bleak House, or the famous A Christmas Carol. It can be awkward in its composition with its long phraseology, sentences as long as your arm, but if you embrace the ingenuity of his work, and the way he used to publicise it, you can’t help admire the determined effort of a man who originated from out of a blacking factory! Both stories tells a lot about his drive, and his reasoning behind his writing. I admire an author who has a story to tell that matters in the scheme of things, he wrote to change the world’s perception on poverty and snobbery.

Charles Dickens


What is your favorite part of being an author?

I write because I need for people to feel they are not alone, that there is someone out there who can relate to their pain. I also like to break rules, and with Everlusting Love, as with American Dream in a way, I have broken the rules on how a novel, especially a lesfic novel, should be written. I follow no approved, tried-and-tested model. I write to innovate, reinvent, and question the art of writing today. I do not apologise for my intensity or my psychological questioning, invoking the reader to examine their own values whilst they are reading my book. I enjoyed every minute of getting to know my reader, getting under their skin with the wheedling determination of a dress-maker with a stitch picker!

What gets you into the zone? 

I work differently than other authors, I know, and this uniqueness reflects in my work, I think. I don’t need silence. For instance, I wrote most of EL during a holiday by the sea, or I was in my front room with TV blaring, people chattering in the background, and a kitty pushing my nose for attention! I get my material from thing I hear, see, and understand. My characters are with me 24/7, so this means I get inspired any time. I can rise during the night, I can suddenly be in the car, out with friends, cooking, cleaning, or any chore that allows my mind to meander towards them, and bam! I am there, and in need a pencil, pen, paper (including toilet paper, laugh), in order to get down an idea, a palpable, plausible plot, a poem, a sentence, a clever piece of dialogue, whatever has just popped into my head to include in my current novel. I start at the beginning, I work my way through the novel, and I finish at the end. I do not deviate from that. I continue in a dogged, passionate way, until I am finished. I don’t plan it! I don’t go through chapters; I don’t follow a set model. I just write and write until I am done. I have the characters, the stage, the whole story in my head and I play it out scene by scene until it is over. I can’t do anything else. And when I write it is off the cuff. No pauses, no going over and over the paragraphs, or chapters, changing and re-changing them. I write from scratch, verbatim as it were, until the very end. I pause for food, and domestic chores, but mostly I write until I am done. I am driven. Some people don’t understand this. It can be quite disturbing, I guess, when you have someone continuously focussed on writing the whole time, but I am an excellent communicator, and intuitive, so allow for that side of me to surface occasionally. I say this last with tongue in cheek, of course, but I am aware of people’s feelings and those whom I love know I love them. Ask any of them, they will tell you how well they understand my need to write, my passion for writing, because they know how important it is to me, how intrinsic it is to my well-being. I need to write, I need to feel, I need to find ingenious ways of getting a reader’s attention so that I can make a difference to the literary world.



What is next for you?

Because of the recent floods in Cumbria, UK, I have had to shelve my latest project which is a collection of amusing cat stories, I call ‘Two Tuxedos and Five Peas on a Plate’. I will pick this up just as soon as I am able. Meantime, I am currently writing the sequel to ‘American Dream’ and of course the sequel to ‘Everlusting Love’. The sequel to EL, as I endearingly call it, is proving to be a most amusing turn of events centred around the beautiful, charismatic Karissa, but I am determined not to follow my own pattern from EL, so it will be a stand-alone book in itself. Any further books in the series, if I so choose it to be a series, will all enjoy their own style, their own taste, their own perceptions on Karissa, so that you eventually see by different perspectives just how complex one life can be. It’s called social inclusion. I am big on that!

And there you have it! Lynn, you are a great person, with a big heart, and an excellent client base, I am very impressed with your credentials, very pleased to have been invited to ‘talk’ with you, and very happy to know you. I am honoured that you chose to feature me amongst such prestigious and hallowed company, and proud to count myself in as a literary figure of some standing with you.

For more exciting news about Linda, be sure to check out her links:

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I have included an excerpt from ‘Everlusting Love’. Enjoy!Everlusting Love

I do not actually know what had made me do it.  I was afraid of the dark.  When I was young, very young, my brothers used to dress in white sheets and appear in my bedroom to frighten me. At four, five years old it had done the trick. They had mocked and laughed at their antics, as older siblings are wont to do, but it had left a lasting impression upon my memory.  I was older now, of course, yet neither reason nor common sense engaged when I was presented with the darkness, night-time still held its horrors.  And so here I was, in this solitary, silent place.  I listened to that silence with a renewed belligerence.

I shouted out as loud as I could, “You don’t scare me anymore!”

There was no one there to hear my clattering, drunken scream.  I was alone.  The night was cold. I knew this because my warm breath showed on the midnight air as the moon peered from behind a mystic cloud.  I was too drunk to feel it, of course, but I felt tremendous pain, nonetheless.  Physical, tortuous, agonising, unrelenting guilty feelings had haunted me both night and day.  Tonight was no different from any other, except that tonight I had chosen to share my grief with the frosty midnight sky, the earthy soil.  The granite of my soul stung with excruciating concreteness.  It hit me then, at that precise moment, in my stupor, that I wanted to be dead.  I had been dead for some time. I had just been going through the motions of living.  I had lost those whom were all-important to me.  It had come as a great shock to me to lose them so quickly and so clinically clean as a click of the fingers would sometimes make a magic trick. Just as if I had clicked my fingers and then they were gone.  It had all been as quick as that!  I’m not going to encompass you with the grief, or the morbid details, suffice to say, that they were dead. I was not. The guilt?  It should have been me; after all it was my car!

It was a cold night, as I have said; yet I could feel nothing of it.  For days, weeks, months, years, I had felt nothing.  Not one iota of what one should feel.  I just felt pain, and I had reached an impasse.

Author 4.jpg

Here I was.  I was stood upon the old bandstand, in the middle of the lawn, in Alkincoats Park, screaming to no one but the frosty midnight stars.  The bottle I had discarded lay at my feet now. Empty.  I had had to accept that the bottle, like my whole life, was empty.  Oh, I had coveted the bottle, as if it were my last friend.  It was, of course, my only friend, now.  I had nursed the empty receptacle since it ceased to give me its last droplet.  People had long since been replaced by the fiery comforter.  My last remnant of fiery liquid had dissolved into the bottomless pit of my consciousness, and had left me still feeling the pain: The interminable pain.

I cried.  Real tears flowed cold and wet upon my cheeks and down onto my sick-soaked clothes. Time had rendered my apparel scraggy and dishevelled.  Time was supposed to have been the great healer, but it wasn’t.  Instead, time was too much of what I had.

I had cried real tears and felt the pain every tormented and tortured moment.  Tonight nothing was different, except for the fact that I was usually in my decrepit pit of a bed, in a bed-sit.  This time I had chosen to share my grief with the stars. I loved the frost, cold and clean against one’s skin, except, I could not remember when I had washed last. Oh, the beauty of a frosty night!  The stars were so clear against the agate sky.  I was not frightened.  Nothing could scare me. I did not care anymore.  I think that was why I was not scared; that, and the numbness of drink.  At least it was good for something!  Life was just too stupid, and I was so sick of it.

Author 5

I looked down upon my clothes.  My tattered coat hung where it touched.  I spread my arms out wide to accentuate the unbefitting over-garment in the moonlight. I tittered to myself; I looked like a vampire!  I noticed then that it was a full moon.  The clouds were too widely dispersed to have an effect upon it.  It looked at me and I looked at it.  The bright and shining moon up there told me nothing.

“Look at me!”  I shouted up at it.  I expected nothing in return from the moon.  After all, it is a dead planet.  There is nobody there except perhaps the company of the odd astronaut or two every once in a while.  Like me it was alone.

“Look at me!”  I screamed belligerently once more.

And it was then that a purely soft sensuous whisper close to my ear said, “I’m looking!”

I spun round, anxious to catch the one who had spoken.  Blackness!  I spun a complete circle.  I got dizzy and fell over.  I peered into the blackness.  The cold air encompassed me as a renewed soberness blinked consciously upon me.  I think I spoke again.  This time I did not shout, I know.  But there was nothing.

“Just me and my bloody mind!”  I said out loud.

“Oooh!  You do have it bad.”

That voice again: A woman’s voice.  It was educated, and mocking.   I was confused, yet strangely I could tell in one instance that I was not alone, and this was not just my mind playing tricks on me.

I had heard voices in my head before: Those voices of my father, or brother, or my ex-lover, or all at once sometimes when things were really bad.  Yet, this was different.  I knew that this voice was not something I had strewn in my fuddled memory.  The voice was real.

Again I looked about me.  I even peered upwards, trying to locate the sound.  There was nothing, or so it seemed.

I began to feel frightened.  I gathered myself from the frosty ground, shivering either from the renewed sense of cold, or the prickling sensation one feels from plain fear.  I staggered towards what I knew to be the exit from Alkincoats Park.  I could see the distant street light at the bottom where the park gates were.  I took comfort from the fact that it was only a few hundred yards away.  As I weaved towards it I was suddenly stricken with panic, and I began to run.

The woman’s soft voice came at me from behind.  “You can run all you like, I still have you!”

Author 6

I turned to try to see who it was who was haunting me so.  The hair on the back of my neck stood bolt upright, and I stumbled forward trying my best to reach the comfort of the distant light.

I never got there, to that lamp.  It’s extraordinary how one faces fear.  In a trice I had turned about.  I was going to face my tormentor head on. I did.

“I don’t care.”  I spoke to the air.  “Have me then, if it’s what you want.  I don’t care!”

And then she appeared.  God, she was beautiful!  She just appeared from out of the darkness.  One minute I was alone, the next I was opposite such a picture of utter loveliness.

“You like what you see.”  She whispered.

I was going to speak, but I found I could not.  I was speechless.  I could not move.  This spectral sight had me riveted to the earth.  It had its own light.

“This is how I appear to you, because I know how encapsulated by beauty you can be.”

She had said this so simply that it somehow did not sound corny or conceited.  It was a statement of truth.

I cannot say how I knew, but I just knew somehow that she could read my thoughts, my dreams of yesteryear, my emotions and also my actions before I could even have acted upon them.  She knew my past, my present and my future: All of it.

“And I accept it all.”  She threw open her arms then.  I was encompassed by her comforting, warm embrace without even understanding the process of how I had arrived there, head to her voluptuous breasts.  I was not frightened, though somehow I felt that I ought to be.  There was no reason in it.  I could not feel anything but warmth for this womanEverlusting Love

I looked up into her face.  I could perceive no wrinkles, and yet I had a sense that this stranger was older than I could ever imagine.  One perfect brow arched.

“You are very astute.  I can see that, now.”  Her red lips shaped a smile.  “But you do realise that I can’t kill you.”

Again, this last sentence was not a question, but a statement.  I waited, wantonly impassive.

“You,” She said provocatively, “Are too beautiful for that.”  She placed her cold finger on my trembling lips as she spoke.  In an instant I knew that I would surrender unconditionally to anything she wished.  She had the commanding air of one who is accustomed to giving orders, and for having those orders carried out.  One whom would say jump and you would ask how high!

After that I could not tell you what happened until I awoke the next morning.  And awake I did!


I want to thank Linda for stopping by to chat today. Her book, ‘Everlusting Love’ is available to download right now. Authors love reviews so please leave one when you are finished.  Also feel free to leave a comment here.  We’d love to hear how you liked it.


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