Meet Author Jenny Frame

Hello everyone and welcome. Thank you for coming by last week for my whale watching adventure. As promised, today I am presenting my interview with author Jenny Frame.  I am currently reading her book, ‘Unexpected,’ so stay tuned for my review in the upcoming weeks. Today Jenny will be sharing her life. Come meet this… Continue reading Meet Author Jenny Frame

Meet Author Graysen Morgen

Good afternoon friends and welcome. I want to thank all of you who visited last week for my 2018 Goals blog. Today I have a special treat for you. Author Graysen Morgen  of Triplicity Publishing  is here to talk with us. This is an interview you want to read. She is amazing. Come see why.… Continue reading Meet Author Graysen Morgen

Meet Photographer Laure Dherbécourt

Good afternoon friends. It is so great to see you all. Today I have a real treat for you. Photographer Laure Dherbécourt is here to chat about her work. This woman is amazing and each aspect of herself describes just that. Come on over and meet this talented and humble woman.        … Continue reading Meet Photographer Laure Dherbécourt

#FF #Flashback Friday – Meet Author KA Moll

Good afternoon everyone and a warm welcome to you all. I want to thank author Darla Baker for stopping by last week. It was a pleasure to have you. For those of you who missed her interview, you can click on the link below. Today I’m reposting my interview with author KA Moll… Continue reading #FF #Flashback Friday – Meet Author KA Moll

Meet Author Blake Everstone

Good afternoon everyone and a warm welcome to you all. Today author/activist Blake Everstone (Jane/John Doe)  is here to chat about her work. Her involvement in the LGBT community has been astronomical and because of her efforts, many people have benefited.  Jane/John Doe is now out and is doing very well. Tell us about yourself… Continue reading Meet Author Blake Everstone

Meet Author Erin Wade

Good afternoon friends and welcome. Today I have Author Erin Wade with us to chat. Erin’s new book, Three Times as Deadly is now out and is doing exceptionally well. At the bottom, I have included a nice excerpt for you to read. I know you’re going to enjoy it. Erin is an imaginative story… Continue reading Meet Author Erin Wade

Meet Author Linda Bates

Good Morning Friends.  Today I have turned the blog over to popular Lesfic author, Linda Bates.  She is here discussing interesting things from her life.  Come on and bring your friends and join us.  You are going to love this woman.  I have included the link to my review for It Drew Pale.  Be sure… Continue reading Meet Author Linda Bates

#Flashback Friday. Meet author Jen Silver

Good morning Everyone and a big welcome to you all.  Today is #FlashbackFriday #FF and I am reposting my interview with author Jen Silver, that was originally published on 30-May-15.  Since then she’s been hard at work with her new books, Carved in Stone (Starling Hill Trilogy #3) and The Circle Dance.  I would like to… Continue reading #Flashback Friday. Meet author Jen Silver

Meet Author Linda Bates (‘Everlusting Love’)

Good afternoon Everyone! It is great to see you. Today author Linda Bates, author of ‘Everlusting Love’ has stopped by to chat with us. Her story has a dynamic complex main character and is full of twists. It will take you on a journey to exotic places of the world as well as into the… Continue reading Meet Author Linda Bates (‘Everlusting Love’)