Winter Passions

Good afternoon and welcome everyone. It is hard to believe that springtime will be approaching us in less than one month. Not soon enough for me. I have never been a winter person, which is why I made the big move from the midwest to the southwest to Socal. Today I want to focus on some… Continue reading Winter Passions

Summer 2018 with Lynn

Good afternoon Everyone and welcome. It is great to see you today. Thank you for stopping by last week to read my review of Nico J. Genes’ ‘Lessons in Life.’ Today I’m sharing a few things happening in my life over the past few months. As many of you know, this year I published my… Continue reading Summer 2018 with Lynn

Yearly Goals 2018

Hello, Everyone! It’s great to see you all. First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who stopped by last week for my review of Blake Everstone’s, ‘Ominous Tales.’ It was great seeing you all. It’s January again, which means long nights and short days. That doesn’t cut into my workday though, and… Continue reading Yearly Goals 2018

2017 Fall Classic – The World Series

Good morning and welcome. First of all I want to thank author Blake Everstone for her amazing interview and for all of you who read it. Thank you so much. Today I’m talking about a big passion of mine. Read on. I’m a huge Dodger fan and love baseball. I am really excited this year… Continue reading 2017 Fall Classic – The World Series

My Passion for Spring

Hello Friends. It is great to see you this morning. I want to thank you for stopping by last week to meet my author friend, Renee MacKenzie. Stay tuned as I’m reading her book ‘Pausing’ and will be posting my review soon. In the meanwhile I have kept myself busy reading some other really great… Continue reading My Passion for Spring