Meet Author Diane Marina

Good afternoon Everyone and a warm welcome to you all.  Today we have author Diane Marina, author of four smash novels, including ‘Imperial Hotel:  A Lesbian Romance’, to chat with us.  Her new short story compiliation, ‘Love is…’ is due to be out in the upcoming weeks and I have included an excerpt.  So pull… Continue reading Meet Author Diane Marina

Meet Author Judy Folger

Good morning friends, fans, and followers.  Today I have author Judy Folger with us.  Her new book “Family Pride” has been doing very well and she will be talking more about it, as well as other things in her life.  She is an amazing woman who you are going to love.  Her kindness has touched… Continue reading Meet Author Judy Folger

Suzie Carr’s Sandcastles Review

Good morning friends.  Recently I finished reading this incredible hot selling book that I have to share – “Sandcastles” by Suzie Carr.  If you haven’t read this book, stay tuned.  This is a story that will win your heart. “The secret to enjoying a beautiful life lies not in the strength of saving it, but solely in… Continue reading Suzie Carr’s Sandcastles Review

Memories of Summer

Hello friends.  It is good to see you all this afternoon.  Things have been going great with me.  We have been keeping busy by doing fun activities. Our latest adventure was to Maui where we saw some incredible sites.  One that will always be memorable is our trek up Haleakalā where we got to witness… Continue reading Memories of Summer

Meet Author Amy Dunne

Good afternoon, Everyone and welcome!  It has been a busy few weeks, but I haven’t forgotten about you.  Today I have an author whom you are going to love!  Amy Dunne is the author of “The Renegade” which debuted on 14-Sept-15 by Bold Stroke Books.  She is here to chat with us all and has… Continue reading Meet Author Amy Dunne

Meet Author Missouri Vaun

Hello friends, fans, and readers.  Today is a Flashback Friday #FF and I am featuring my interview with Missouri Vaun, which was originally published on blogspot on 27-Feb-15.  Her new book “The Time Before Now”, a sequel to “All Things Rise” is now available for pre-order via Bold Stroke Books: “The Time Before Now” is… Continue reading Meet Author Missouri Vaun

Meet Author Samantha Jacobey

BOOK INFORMATION TITLE – Recombined SERIES – The Irrevocable Series, Book 3 AUTHOR – Samantha Jacobey GENRE – New Adult PUBLICATION DATE – September 1, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – Approx. 160 pages/52K words PUBLISHER – Lavish Publishing COVER ARTIST – Nicolene Lorette Designs   GIVEAWAY PRIZES From the Irrevocable Series: 6 swag packs 1… Continue reading Meet Author Samantha Jacobey

Meet Author S.W. Andersen

Good morning readers!  It has been some time since I last posted, but I haven’t forgotten you all.  Today I have a special treat.  Author S.W. Andersen has stopped by to chat about her new book, “Somewhere Between Love and Justice as well as her own news.  You are going to love her so read… Continue reading Meet Author S.W. Andersen

Meet Author Stacy O’Steen

Hello readers and friends.  It seems that the blog tours just keep on happening.  Just a few weeks ago I took part in Stacy O’Steen’s book blog tour and reviewed her novel, “Endless Days of Summer.”  The link below will take you to the review.  Stacy is here today to chat about her life as well… Continue reading Meet Author Stacy O’Steen

Meet author Natasja Hellenthal

Good afternoon folks and it is good to see you.  Today Amazon best selling author Natasja Hellenthal has stopped by to chat with us all.  Her books are about truth, determination, and progress wrapped up in an enriched and exciting plot.   Let’s give Natasja a warm welcome. ‘Heartbreak happens when we want other people to love… Continue reading Meet author Natasja Hellenthal