Meet Author Amy Stinnett

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Come meet Author Amy Stinnett (Rest Stop and the Chickenshit Volume Series). Her new book, Uncertain Futures, is due any day now! Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope the day finds you feeling loved, strong, and ready to take on whatever these times are going to dish out. Thanks, Lynn, for… Continue reading Meet Author Amy Stinnett

May Musings

Hello Everyone and welcome. I hope you are all being safe and well. For me, it seems that time has slowed down. Being a writer I’m used to staying indoors and being secluded so this quarantine really isn’t having a big impact on me in that respect. I have kept myself busy with a variety… Continue reading May Musings

The Lesbian Book Readers Club Guest

Hello Friends. I hope all is going great with you. I can’t complain. I wanted to inform you that I will be the guest on the Lesbian Book Reader’s Club’s ‘The Grill.’ It is a question and answer platform and I welcome all your questions. It will be held at 1:30p.m. – 3:30p.m. CST this… Continue reading The Lesbian Book Readers Club Guest

My Review of Jen Silver’s Christmas at Winterbourne

Good afternoon Friends! It has been a while since I last published a book review. The one I’m presenting today is a book that I read last December. Since it has been cold here in SoCal and our current situation is frustrating, I felt that a nice Christmas story would be perfect – Christmas at… Continue reading My Review of Jen Silver’s Christmas at Winterbourne

Thank you – 5-star review for Enticed by Love

Hello everyone! I cannot begin to express the gratitude I am feeling. My journey creating Enticed by Love has been fun and rewarding. I am happy. I am sharing with you a 5-Star review I recently received for my #newrelease, Enticed by Love. Click the image above to view the original review.   Purchase Enticed… Continue reading Thank you – 5-star review for Enticed by Love

My Gratitude

Hello Friends and welcome. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for all your support for my #newrelease, Enticed by Love. It has been an interesting journey, and one I do not regret. The story is a unique one in that it explores the life of a woman and the women who love her. It… Continue reading My Gratitude

Meet Author L.M. Bennett

Good Evening, Friends and welcome. Thanks again for all your support for my #newrelease, Enticed by Love. Today author L.M. Bennett is here to share with you. * ‘Sup, everyone! I’m so excited and thankful to Lynn to be a guest on her blog today. My heart is heavy because we live in unprecedented times,… Continue reading Meet Author L.M. Bennett

Thank you for your support!

Hello Everyone and welcome. Thank you for all your support for my new book, ‘Enticed by Love’. A woman is haunted by a past love while another is on the horizon. There is romance, paranormal, ESP, mystery, and drama. Here is what people on Goodreads are saying about Enticed by Love: Charli Whiskey rated it… Continue reading Thank you for your support!

Meet Author Robin DeLisle

Hello Friends and welcome. Today author Robin DeLisle is here as my guest blogger. She is the author of ‘Miranda.’ Come and meet this amazing woman. Hi, everyone! I am happy to have this opportunity to say hello and share some information about my books. As I read the recent blog by Jax Meyer (A… Continue reading Meet Author Robin DeLisle

‘Enticed by Love’ is now available for purchase!

Hello Everyone and welcome. I am proud to announce that my new book, ‘Enticed by Love’ is available for purchase. Purchase ‘Enticed by Love’ Henrietta Bailey is a mysterious woman who has spent her entire life living in the town of Crescent, a sleepy beach community in Central Coastal California. She loves the beach, the… Continue reading ‘Enticed by Love’ is now available for purchase!