Meet Author KA Moll

Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Today let’s welcome author KA Moll. I’d like to start off by thanking Lynn for the invitation to be a guest on her blog. As always, I appreciate the opportunity to connect with new readers and reconnect with old ones. For those who don’t know me, my name is K.A.… Continue reading Meet Author KA Moll

My Review of McGee Mathews’ ‘Slaying Dragons’

Hello Everyone. It is great to see you! Recently I have read a few books, including McGee Mathews‘ Slaying Dragons. This book is essential for everyone to read as in addition to the romance, a serious life-threatening issue is covered. The author has provided links for more information in her book. This book, I had… Continue reading My Review of McGee Mathews’ ‘Slaying Dragons’

#FF My Review for Rhavensfyre’s ‘Switching Gears’

Hello Friends and welcome! Today I am sharing with you a book review for a story that I really enjoyed, ‘Switching Gears’ by Rhavensfyre. It is a bit on the long side, but the drama and the relationship between the two main characters is really captivating. This is a romance story you don’t want to… Continue reading #FF My Review for Rhavensfyre’s ‘Switching Gears’

#FF – Interview with Author Erin Wade

Hello Everyone. Thank you for coming last week. This week I have been engrossed with beta reading a book that will be published later this year by a popular author. Beta Reading is something I enjoy doing and the published books hold a special place in me. Today I am presenting my very first interview… Continue reading #FF – Interview with Author Erin Wade

Release Party – ‘Endless as the Stars’ by Domina Alexandra!

Hello Everyone, and a warm welcome! Today we have a special treat. Author Domina Alexandra‘s new release, Endless as the Stars, is debuting next weekend! As a fan of Domina’s work, I can’t wait! Her stories are filled with romance and thrills and strong female protagonists! Read on! I have a review further down for… Continue reading Release Party – ‘Endless as the Stars’ by Domina Alexandra!

My Review of LL Shelton’s ‘Nights of Lily Ann – Redemption of Carly

Good Afternoon Everyone and a warm welcome to you. Today I have a special treat for you. A few months ago I posted my review for LL Shelton‘s ‘Nights of Lily Ann – Finding Kathleen,’ which you can read by clicking the link below. Today, I am presenting my review for the sequel to… Continue reading My Review of LL Shelton’s ‘Nights of Lily Ann – Redemption of Carly

Meet Author Sarah Markel!

Good afternoon Friends and welcome. Thank you to all who entered into my book Giveaway for ‘Enticed by Love’ last week. I am giving it a few more days so if you’d like a copy, just add a comment to this blog. You can also send me an email to Let’s give a warm… Continue reading Meet Author Sarah Markel!

Meet Author Jaye Rothman

Hello Everyone and welcome to the blog! I want to thank all of you who visited last week for my news about my new upcoming book. I will be having more news about it soon, so stay tuned. Today we have Author Jaye Rothman as our guest blogger! She has an amazing story here that… Continue reading Meet Author Jaye Rothman

Thank You, Everyone!

Good Afternoon, Everyone and a warm welcome to you. First of all, I want to congratulate the winners of my book drawing for ‘Enticed by Love’ – Louisette Lépine and Marian Gravestein-Bloem. Thank you so much for entering and I will be contacting you with the ebooks. For the past month, I have been cranking… Continue reading Thank You, Everyone!


Hello Friends and welcome! I am feeling blessed today! I want to thank all of my guests who have been on this blog. Your stories have inspired me and many others. I want to thank everyone who shared an ARC with me so I could write reviews. I have read some really cool books by… Continue reading Giveaway!