My Review of Kory M. Shrum’s ‘Shadows in the Water’

Hello everyone and welcome. Thank you for stopping by last week. I appreciate all of your support. Today I am presenting my review for USA Today Bestseller author, Kory M. Shrum’s ‘Shadows in the Water.’ Get suited up because this one will take you for a ride. Let’s meet our players.


Lou is a bit of a psychopath who is out to get the dirty business party responsible for her father’s death, a man she was very fond of. She follows her own agenda. The only feeling she feels is fear and you will how she handles situations. She is a strong-willed woman and doesn’t stop until the job is done. I applaud her for her strength.

She shares a disorder with her aunt, Lucy, which she uses to her advantage. The relationship between her and her aunt is strained because she doesn’t find anyone trustworthy, including herself. The only person who ever made her feel safe was her father.

Lucy is very progressive in her thinking. I’m happy the author created her as a lot of what she says is inspiring. You’ll see in the book what I mean. She is family oriented and watches out for her niece. Also, she does things like chanting and affirming and does yoga.

Then there is Mel, whom I really liked. She owns a New Age store and does readings. She gets straight to the point and doesn’t put up with anything from the other players. She has a heart of gold. I’m glad she was put in the story and I loved how the other actors respected her. You can’t hide anything from her, and when she stumbles on something, she doesn’t let go. Her personality had a comical side, which got me laughing.

Author Photo

The author throws in some things about herself into the story, adding to it. Part of it takes place at a vegan restaurant, which I felt was a nice touch.

There is a lot of blood and guts and killing in this story, which for me is a little too much at times. Be prepared from a lot of graphic scenes and some explicit language.

The pace starts out slow in the beginning and then picks up later on. For the most part, it is moderate. Pay attention because some characters are introduced quickly, and their roles are important as the story progresses. There are some bizarre happenings here, including a character whom I didn’t understand until the end. If you like this sort of story, then you are going to love this one. This is creepy cool.
ShadowsKindleGraphicBHere is an excerpt for you to enjoy:

When Lou woke, something was wrong. The light streaming from the high windows was purple. The sun was dipping low behind the trees, its last eye open on the horizon. Under her pillow, her fingers curled around her gun and found the metal warm from the feathers incubating it throughout the day.

She heard a noise again. A small sound jerked her upright, gun pointed.

“Two for two.” Lucy placed a sandwich wrapped in glossy newsprint on the counter and stuck her hand into the brown paper bag again. She gave Lou a half-smile from the kitchen island as she peeled back the wrapper. “One of these days you’re going to blow my head off and save me the trouble of worrying about you.”

“Stop creeping up on me.” Lou lowered the gun. The smell of red onions flooded the studio. Her stomach rumbled its response. When was the last time she’d eaten? She wasn’t sure. Sometimes when she was working, she’d forget to eat. The task distracted her. It was only when she worried her weak limbs or unclear head would cost her that she bothered to make time for the inconvenient task.

The burger, she remembered. She’d eaten a burger at the vegan fast food place about twenty hours ago.

“What are you doing here?” Lou asked.

“Can’t a loving aunt bring her niece a veggie loaf sandwich when she wants to? I got your favorite. Extra avocado, extra oil, and extra oregano. Come eat with me.” 

Lou thumbed the safety back on and disentangled her limbs from the bedding.

“Don’t you get hot sleeping by the window?” Aunt Lucy asked. She nodded at a barstool by the island where she’d spread the sandwich on its wrapper.

Lou slid onto it, placing her gun on the counter beside the wrapper. It clanked heavy against the granite surface. “It’s the best light in the apartment. I don’t have to worry about waking up in Bangkok.”

Aunt Lucy popped open a bag of chips and dumped them onto the paper spread beneath Lou’s sandwich. BBQ. Her favorite. But Aunt Lucy was frowning. “Do you still slip in your sleep?”

“No,” Lou said, stuffing three chips into her mouth at the same time. The oils began melting the moment they hit her tongue. The muscles in her back loosened. “Because I sleep by the window, in full daylight.”

Her aunt plucked a chip off her spread and made a pensive sound. “I thought that was something you’d outgrow. I did.”

“We’ve already established I’m different.” 

Lucy squeezed her elbow. “Different in the most charming ways, my love.”

4 stars

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I hope you enjoyed this and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. Feel free to ask questions in the comments and don’t forget to follow this blog.

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Meet USA Bestseller Author Kory M. Shrum

Good afternoon, everyone and welcome! Today we are speaking with USA Today bestseller author Kory M. Shrum. Come over and meet this amazing woman.

author photo

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”
–Maya Angelou

Tell us about yourself and your USA Today Bestselling books.


Hi everyone! My name is Kory M. Shrum, and I write supernatural thrillers. Some of these fall under the umbrella urban fantasy (badass ladies with a job to do) and others have a more Stephen King-esque horror feel to them.

Because of my range, I prefer the term ‘supernatural thriller’ because you can count on the world building, strong characters and supernatural elements – regardless of the variation in the genre. I currently have eight novels published (in the Dying for a Living and Shadows in the Water series) with at Welcome to Castle Cove coming out May 8, and Under the Bones, coming out June 12.

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How did it feel seeing your name for the first time on the list?
It was very cool. While I don’t think it’s important to have a list “verify” your skills and ability as a writer, it is a good indicator that people are reading and enjoying your work. And that’s all I want – to share my stories with the people who love them.

Me: Thank you for pointing this out. Too many times writers get discouraged over these lists.

Let’s talk about your ‘Dying’ series.
The Dying for a Living series is complete with seven books in all. There are also two short stories (one appeared in the Badass and the Beast Anthology that I edited with the amazing writer Angela Roquet and the other appeared in her collection Limbo City Lights).

The series follows Jesse Sullivan, a death replacement agent, who discovers that not only can she serve as a death surrogate –dying in place of others—but that she has special abilities meant to be used for a higher purpose. What began as a story about a sarcastic, quirky woman with an interesting job, quickly spiraled into a plot about saving the world from dark forces (however reluctant).DyingBook1print3D

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You get the call about making your first “Dying” book into a movie. Who would you cast as the main players?
Ksenia Solo would make a great Jesse Sullivan and Jennifer Lawrence a great Ally. Liam Hemsworth would be my pick for Lane. Jensen Ackles for Brinkley (yes, part of the Supernatural Fandom here ;). And Viola Davis or Danai Gurira for Gloria. Jason Mamoa might pull off Caldwell.

But this being said, I love it when casts are really diverse. So maybe Zendaya should be cast as Jesse, then Idris Elba could be Caldwell.

What keeps you in the zone when writing?
Good music. I have a subscription to Pandora (because nothing takes you out of the writing mood faster than a commercial for weight loss or Viagra). And on this Pandora, I have a Nine Inch Nails station. Oh yeah. That’ll keep me in the zone.

Have you ever been in love with one of your protagonists?
Kind of. Louie from Shadows in the Water is hands down my favorite, followed closely by Gloria Jackson from the Dying books–both are just such strong, admirable women. It’s hard not to be impressed by them. And it’s hard not to be team Ally because of her unfailing loyalty and her willingness to do what’s hard.

But apart from characters I like, falling in love might also mean characters I came to appreciate. My original opinions of characters have definitely changed over time. For example, I used to think Brinkley was the overbearing control freak…then I learned his backstory and his reason for guiding Jesse as he did – and I came to really respect and admire him. He went from that a-hole boss to a hero at the end of Book 2, Dying by the Hour, which is why I ended up telling his story in Book 3, Dying for Her.

What excites you about writing poetry?
Language and visually are really important in poetry. A powerful image and turn of phrase can create such profound meaning and resonance. Amazing stuff.

How has teaching writing to students enriched your life?
You learn so much from your students. About yourself and about your writing. It’s definitely an exchange.

Platform 9 3 4

How do you stay optimistic?
Therapy. Lots and lots of therapy. And chocolate. And yoga. And Debussy’s Clair de Lune.

Where is a place you’ve always wanted to visit? Have you been there?
I always wanted to go to Italy and France (and I’ve been to both several times). But a place I haven’t been that I want to is Kyoto. It’s on the list.

What is your favorite month in Michigan and why?
October is my favorite month for lots of reasons. First, because I love all things fall: cider, donuts, falls clothes, the cool weather, the changing leaves, pumpkins, Halloween, etc. But it also happens to be a really romantic time for me because it’s also when my wife and I fell in love, got married, and celebrate our anniversary every year.

What would you recommend for visitors to see in Michigan?
There are many beautiful places in Michigan. I love Saugatauk, (where we got married) and the lake/beach. The Au Sable River is lovely to kayak down in the summer and it has some of our favorite camping spots. The UP (upper peninsula) is also gorgeous as well as the national forests. If nature/the beach isn’t your thing, I recommend Kalamazoo for the art/culture scene or Grand Rapids for the museums. Ann Arbor for the good food and downtown area.

Oval Bay Beach

Do you like to get out into nature? Where is a favorite place and why?
I really enjoy laying on Oval Beach (Saugatauk) in the summertime. A bag of potato chips, drinks in the cooler and a book—yes please!

What was the last live music performance you saw?
Yo-yo ma played at the Wharton Center this past Monday. A few weeks before that Postmodern Jukebox at the Fillmore. Both were great.

Do you have any funny stories about your pug, Josephine?
One time she got into the trash, trying to eat something. This trash also happened to have paint materials in it (I think I was touching up the kitchen cabinets). I came home to have painted dog with trash stuck to her and white paw prints all over the wood floors…wait, was this supposed to be funny?


What is next for you?
More books in the Shadows in the Water series(Under the Bones is out June 12) as well as a new series about Castle Cove—a creepy town with dark secrets.

Me: This is a chiller and I can already feel shivers down my back. Do keep us posted, Kory. Be sure to follow her website for news when this will be released. Also, check out her other links and follow her other links and follow her.
Kory’s Amazon Author Central page
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I want to thank Kory for stopping by. It has been a real pleasure. Stay tuned for next week when I’ll have more exciting news to share with you.

Until Next Time,


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